Log splitters Uniforest

The TITANIUM log splitters with splitting force from 10 t to 26 t are advanced and sophisticated in terms of technology and quality. Log splitting is safe, fast and easy, with minimum effort. The TITANIUM log splitters can be equipped with a tractor (PTO) drive, electric log splitters have electro drive, additionally there are models with combination of both. Moreover, log splitters TITANIUM with splitting force of 13 t and 16 t are also possible with petrol engine.

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Titanium 11

Titanium 14

Titanium 18

Titanium 23

Titanium 27

Winch head for log splitter

LS 80 E 400

LS 100 E 400


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Split buddy

Robust BA

Robust R13

Robust R16

Robust R20

Robust R25

Robust 600

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